Everything you need to know about the famous DOMINO

Domino is a gambling game that is famous for ages in the world but is brought to the attention of common people recently. It was created in order to circulate better results for land distribution and keeping the records. But now domino is widely played for gambling and other games by teenagers to adults. The game is also named as the ancestor of dice at several events. The total number of domino is 28 nowadays whereas it was 21 before. They were mainly played in the United Kingdom, Europe and Italy in order to be precise.

About Domino:

There are different tiles used in the domino and seven is the total number of tiles one can use for one single game. The number starts from zero and ends at six and is marked accordingly. The total score is calculated by adding the total number on the tiles from one end to another. As we mentioned earlier a player has to play with 7 dominoes for a single round but with the new games, they are offered with 9 dominoes too. The ones that are not drawn while choosing the main 7 or 9 dominoes are kept aside while the game begins. The one who gets the largest double is to start the game and then the game continues in alternate turns. You can replace the dominoqq you have already chosen by clicking on it and then replacing it with one from the side kept ones. If you want you can also let the computer decide your dominoes for you but then you will have to enable “auto draw”.

Game Play:

After both the players put their first domino, the game continues by them alternatively putting dominos on open ends. The players have to be careful that the dominoes they join must be of the same number written on the tiles. If players get stuck while drawing from the seven chosen dominoes they can choose from outside saved ones. If one player cannot make a move instead of having dominoes or even after choosing from the other ones, then they lose. The legal positions of the dominoes can be seen as highlighted and the ones that can be played are marked blue.

Scores in Dominoes:

There are different scoring methods for the players:

  • For every pip or no on the tile, the player is awarded 5 points. So it increases in multiples of five.
  • General creation of Domino is also awarded after each move and is awarded in the same order. Here, the order is for 0, 1 and 2 pips you get 0 points, for 3 to 7 you get 5 points and for 8 to 12 pips you get 10 points.
  • The one layer who reaches the final score before the one or the desired score wins the game.

These are some important tricks and information you must remember if you are going to be a part of Domino Online. You must always do your research first! If you interested on more Domino games like Bandarq Online, please stay update here